The ultimate closet organiser

I have a lot of handbags (too many, according to DH). My method of organising my handbags isn’t particularly effective – handbags are shoved into an open two slot drawer that DH made for me. This means that the handbags often get squished, and I often forget what I have (oh shock and horror).

Handbag hanger from Designer Online
Source: © 2005 Designer Online

I wish I came across these Handbag Hangers earlier – the “ultimate closet organiser”. Each Handbag Hanger has seven hoops, each holding between two to four handbags.

Simple, effective and an excellent idea (looks quite usable too!). Wish I thought of it first!

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#1 Lisa on 07.31.06 at 11:30 am

oh don’t feel too bad Ruth. It’s not good to store your bags by hanging them, what you need is a bag shelf. I have a couple of bag shelves :) But what I would really like is a big book shelf dedicated to all of my bags!

Lisa H