Kevin Rudd takes to the web

In an effort to appeal to the web savvy voters of Australia, Kevin Rudd, the Labor Leader, has launched his new website Kevin07 today. In addition to the website, Kevin Rudd also has a blog, facebook account, MySpace account and a YouTube account.

Opinions aside about the suitability of this candidate for the Aussie Prime Minister role, it does show that this politician (or at least his advisors) is aware of the implications of social networks by the way he has created accounts on the key social networking sites, rather than just concentrating on one social network (like MySpace). This strategy follows a similar one taken by the US politicians.

On a technical note after a very quick skim through the homepage, KEVIN07:

  • validates to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  • No major accessibility errors when checked with the WAVE tool.
  • Passes Section 508 via automated checks using Cynthia Says.
  • Doesn’t quite meet colour contrast checks in two spots (but the rest is ok), according to the AccessColor tool.
  • Website is readable and content is in a logical order when CSS is turned off (no sign of tables for layout!).

It’s not the prettiest website and there’s some areas for improvement but overall, it’s not bad.