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Back to reality

So another year of Web Directions is over, as well as the inaugural OzIA conference/retreat, both held in Sydney. Attending the Web Directions conference is a bit like coming ‘home’. It’s such a comfy feeling to be hanging out with like-minded folks.

I love meeting both old and new friends, great to put some faces to the names that I see frequently on the web, plus to meet some of the Perth people.

Highlights from the week (covering both conferences) include:

  • Derek Featherstone’s various accessibility talks, in particular the concept that accessibility is personal and that it’s not just about checklists. This one really strike a chord with me – I’ve been talking myself blue about the same issues for a long time, and it was great to see it so well articulated.
  • Andy Clarke‘s talk about inspired design – it reinforced my conviction in seeking inspiration among everything around me.
  • Mark Pesce’s interesting talk about social networks.
  • Donna Maurer‘s Lakoff’s ‘Women, Fire & Dangerous Things’ – What every IA should know – very interesting topics, not sure where to start!
  • Dan Saffer‘s beyond wireframes: documenting AJAX and RIA – particularly relevant to the current organisation where I’m at.
  • Thomas Vander Wal’s Folksonomy to Improve IA presentation that really highlighted the intricateness (and coolness!) of tagging.

So I’m back in reality, well sated and well energised (mentally) from both conferences. Totally exhausted physically though! Anyhow, I’m really looking forward to Web Directions South 07 (perhaps Web Directions North too?), and OzIA 2007 depending upon how close it is to Web Directions South 07.

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