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I’ve always been passionate about accessibility and in particular, the social aspects and implications of living with disabilities. One of the blogs I follow on a regular basis is Glenda Hyatt’s Do It Myself Blog. Glenda shares her experiences about living with cerebral palsy and it’s just fascinating having the opportunity to get an insight into her life and the interesting challenges that she and her husband face. Glenda recently posted about the Blog For a Year competition.

Blog For a Year is a social sponsorship experiment by Charles Jolley that awards one winner a year-long contract to blog full time on a blog of his or her own choosing. The award is funded by donations from the community and sponsors. The competition ends when the Blogger Fund reaches $160,000 or on January 1, 2008, whichever comes first.

It’s an interesting concept. Glenda writes:

Blogging is fulfilling my childhood dream of having a regular column in which to share personal experiences of living with a disability so that readers may come to know me, the person, and to realize that I am more than my cerebral palsy. My goal is to alleviate people’s fears of those with disabilities in a non-confrontational and humorous way. Unlike writing a column in a local newspaper, blogging has allowed me to touch people from around the world. My dream would be even sweeter if I could find a way to be paid for blogging.

You can vote once a day for a blogger of your choice. I’m showing my support for Glenda by voting for her. You can support her too!

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful support, Ruth. You’re awesome!

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