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Canberra WSG

Today was the very first Canberra WSG meeting, held at the National Library of Australia. We had a good turn out of people. Actually, I’m impressed with the number of people who showed up, considering that Friday afternoon tends to be happy hour for many people.

The speakers were Donna Maurer, who spoke about designing usable rich internet applications, and Dean Jackson, who spoke about the W3C. Donna’s presentation is available from her latest blog entry.

It’s always great having the opportunity to meet with fellow Canberrans who share a passion in the web standards/usability/accessibility field. Donna covered some interesting points about user expectations with rich internet applications. We’re still some time away until the state-like condition of this “newish” navigation model becomes more familiar to the user, but it’s definitely an interesting area to keep working away at.

As for Dean’s presentation, he asked some hairy questions about XHTML and HTML, and standards as a whole. He encouraged everyone to participate in reading the W3C specs, and providing feedback. On aside, I’m pretty keen on seeing his SVG demo ;)

Many thanks goes to Russ Weakley, Peter Firminger and Lisa Miller who drove up from Sydney to help us out with the first meeting. And many thanks of course to my fellow Canberra organisers, Michele Huston and Gavin Dispain.

Edit: Forgot to mention that WSG photos are available at Flickr, with more here and here!

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