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Invites and a dress

For something that is four months away, the wedding date is starting to zoom up upon me. It started feeling more “real” on Saturday, when the very first invite was made up. After working in the web space for some time, switching to the print media was an interesting experience. The same design elements still apply – type of font, font size (unfortunately, there’s no way for the end user to control the font size ;) ), white spacing, line spacing…. I went through about eight drafts but I’m happy with the end result. The invites are simple with a nice metallic red background!

I managed to purchase the materials for my wedding dress yesterday. Who would have thought that the materials would have costed that much? When I was told the final price, you couldn’t have told on my calm (I think!) face that I was having a mild panic attack. I gulped, and then handed over my credit card. So I’m now the proud owner of seven metres of white satin, five and a half metres of white chiffon, and seven metres of lining, which will shortly be made up into a dress. A consoling thought is that I’m not spending thousands of dollars on a dress.

Mum is going in for her operation today at 6.30am Perth time. Wish I can be there when she comes out of the operating theatre, but at least I’ll be seeing her in six days when I fly back to Perth.

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