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Internationalisation (I18n)

I spent an interesting Friday afternoon learning about localisation and internationalisation from the master of internationalisation himself, Richard Ishida. I’m amazed at how fluently he could rattle a word (or many) in multiple complicating-sounding languages. Someone did ask how many languages he spoke, and the answer is many (I didn’t actually catch how many languages he spoke). I also discovered that Richard is an avid photographer.

Richard Ishida talking about characters and flickr

Since Amit Karmakar has written up a nice article about Richard Ishida’s talk on localisation and internationalisation, I don’t need to rehash what has been so nicely said.

Here are my flickr photos, along with Amit Karmakar, Russ Weakley, Peter Firminger, Ajay Ranipeta and Lachlan Hardy (coverage of Richard Ishida’s talk at the Melbourne WSG meeting).

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