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Jitters over smart card

It looks like an ID Card. It smells like an ID Card. Heck, it even spooks you like an ID Card. But, as Australia’s carbon copy Commonwealth Prime Minister says, “it ain’t no ID card”.

Source: The Register – Aussies to get pseudo-ID Card

People are getting jitters over a proposed smart card. The smart card will be used to access welfare and health payments, and the estimated usage is about 11 million Australians.

From a Government point of view, this is definitely more efficient, and will make things easier for the end users – oh sorry, the “citizen”… and when I have my Government hat on, yes I can definitely see the benefits of efficiency, and stopping fraud and dole cheats.

…Australian Council of Civil Liberties president Terry O’Gorman said the breadth of government services that would require people to register for the card meant it would become a de facto national ID.

Source: – Jitters over smart card

From a citizen’s point of view, there’s lots to think about.

Can’t say much more due to having my mouth sealed off with gaffa tape. But here’s the mandatory “the above are MY views, and do not necessarily reflect the views of my organisation” blah statements.

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  1. For the record I think it is a bad idea, I for one do not trust any government enough to responsibly use the power that a national id system would give them.

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