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Last legs

We’re on the last couple of days of the honeymoon. Didn’t quite make it as far north as anticipated, thanks to Cyclone Hubert. I was highly anticipating getting to Ningaloo Reef, but we only managed to get as far as Carnarvon. Perhaps next time, we’ll make it all the way there, plus further to Broome!

I have been writing up each day of our journey, but will post these entries once we get back to Perth.

In the meantime, I leave you with a photo from our wedding photo shoot:

Ruth & Alastair, copyright 2006 Samm Blake

Photo credits: © 2006 Samm Blake

The above photo was taken on the grounds of the University of Western Australia. It is part of a series shot at that location for our wedding. Our photographer was Samm Blake. See more of her work at

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