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End of one era

So today is my last day (and also a friend’s – Caronne – last day) at one particular organisation where I’ve spent a significant portion of my time over the last few years. In that time:

  • I’ve had my eyes opened to political intrigues
  • Watched with great interest the myriad of human behaviours and interaction
  • Developed into the extremely passionate-about-accessibility-and-usability person that I am today
  • Researched, developed and maintained user interface standards (and the associated challenges that the whole process brings)
  • Met a lot of interesting people (within and also external to the organisation)
  • Run lots of interesting usability sessions
  • Facilitated many collaborative design sessions
  • Start my Human-Computer Interaction course at University of Queensland
  • Helped integrate the user centred design methodology into current practices (still quite a way to go though)
  • Lots of relationship building with various people
  • Ate lots of cake and sweets (I can’t keep away from team morning teas)
  • Did lots of fascinating User Centred Design “stuff”!

Flowers from the team

I was farewelled with a box of gorgeous flowers, a card with lovely words from many people, and Seasons One and Two of Little Britain (one of my favourite comedy series). Headed out to the B Bar in Kingston with couple of work mates from varying teams. I enjoyed some delicious cocktails (I love cocktails), got enjoyably tipsy and said random mushy stuff to my UCD team mates.

I was really pleased to see the turn out, and really appreciated the effort that people put in to make it (some had to drive out from a different part of Canberra). It gave me lots of warm fuzzies – a good way to end an era.

Good bye old organisation! Hello new organisation!

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  1. It’s a shame to see you go, but I’m really excited (read: jealous) that your embarking on an exciting new journey!

    I’ll try to make sure we keep in touch. Heck I thinking of following you!

    I like your slick new wordpress theme too, though this page has a bug where the right sidebar is below the post… im in deer park alpha 1 (firefox 1.5).

    btw kambah isn’t ‘that’ far ;-)

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