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OzIA Day 1 – the short and the sweet

After a hard night of very little sleep, I struggled awake at 6am this morning so I could check out of my hotel, check in to the new hotel, and register for day one of the OzIA conference. The lack of sleep wasn’t due to a hard night of partying. I actually left the Web Directions South 06 party early so I could get a good night sleep. Instead, a faint stream of music being pipped non stop into my room kept me dropping in and out of sleep. I called reception at 3am in the morning, asking for help as I couldn’t sleep. Options presented weren’t good – I choose to attempt sleep with a pillow over my head. Not a good option.

But back to the OzIA conference. It was the inaugural OzIA conference with a good turnout of IAs, and other related professions.

Mark Bernstein – False intentions and the fallacy of finding

First up on the speaker list was Mark Bernstein, who opened with the keynote speech about False intentions and the fallacy of finding. I have to admit that quite a bit of this presentation went over my head. Possibly due to my extreme lack of sleep. I’ll have to listen to the podcast a couple more times to get the concepts a bit more solid in my head.

You can view the False intentions and the fallacy of finding presentation here (quicktime, 5MB).

Thomas Vander Wal – folksonomy to improve IA

Thomas is a great speaker. He covered the basics of tagging and folksonomy, showed us some great examples, and why we tag.

Donna Maurer – Lakoff’s Women, Fire & Dangerous Things: What every IA should know

Great presentation, lots of laughs, and even a mention of ‘boobies’. For those too lazy to read George Lakoff’s book ‘Women, Fire & Dangerous Things’ (i.e. me), make sure you listen to Donna‘s podcast when it gets online. She covers classical categorisation theory, prototype theory and basic level categories.

Dan Saffer – Beyond wireframes: Documenting AJAX and RIA

One of my most looked forward to presentations, Dan covered the issues of documenting AJAX using traditional methods, and the how-to of documenting AJAX and other functionally rich interfaces.

There were other speakers….will try to do a quick summary later on.

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