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Web Directions 06 – Day 2 – the short and the sweet

It’s day two of Web Directions 06 and most people have managed to make it to the opening speech by Andy Clarke. And for those that could manage it, there was Molly’s breakfast at 7.15am.

Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke‘s presentation was just like him – stylish. Stylish slides, stylish dressing, and a stylish accent (ok, I’m partial to UK accents….). He took us through his experiences and advice of creating inspired design. Key thoughts include evoking emotion; it’s more than just the technology; get your inspiration from around you (newspapers, magazines, architecture).

Favourite quotes from Andy:

Absolutely positioning is the new DOM scripting

And the number one quote:

The web is not a power drill

Cheryl Lead & Ben Buchanan

Cheryl and Ben took us on a journey of moving your organisation to web standards. We heard about how Virgin Money did it, as well as Griffith University. Key points from the two: use lots of analogies, stay sane, and try Ben’s Coffee Theory.

Favourite quote:

Oh my God, we don’t want to be acid wash jeans!

Cameron Adams & Kevin Yank

The Man in Blue and Kevin Yank took us through an interesting and funny journey through JavaScript APIs and mash-ups. Lots of interesting examples, and even a good example of how fast the web can be….. (in response to this).

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith gave a quick run down on progressive enhancement with hijax. He took us through the steps of the XMLHttpRequest, the hijax approach, and some examples. Great session – but not for the non-code-heads!
Favourite quote (ok, the only one I managed to get down):

The browser is no place for business logic

Kelly Goto

Kelly took us through an overview of the iterative application development process. Key points: keep iterating and iterating until you reach the goal of lifestyle driven behaviour; incorporate user research and usability; and scrum, an iterative process methodology.

Mark Pesce

Mark talked to us about social networks – the evolution, reasoning and the humanness of it. Love it!

And in other news, I was pleasantly (and excitedly) surprised to win one of the door prizes – a seat in the upcoming How We Built Flickr workshop, behing held around various places in Australia.
Next on the list….on to the Pumphouse for the closing party!

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