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Britain, Britain, Britain

Little Britain Live image - copyrighted to Little Britain

After a very delicious fast meal at Jewel of India (the takeaway stall in Civic), we made it to Little Britain Live which was showing in the Australian Institute of Sports Arena. It was a massive very well produced show featuring Matt Lucas and David Walliams and their huge range of characters. The technical components of the show was pretty amazing, with an elaborate stage floor with track lines for the quick setting up and removal of props, and sets projected onto the background of the stage (apparently the transitions were designed by video and lighting designer Willie Williams). The costume changes were super quick and I’m still not sure how the two managed to do the costume AND makeup changes so fast and so well.

Highlights of the show:

  • Carol Beer “computer says no” skit – come on, it’s the ultimate usability error message (or is that unusability?)!
  • Seeing David Walliams naked (warning: nudity alert!)
  • Audience participation
  • The fantastic ad lib in the Mr Mann “Roy’s Paint Shop” skit (oh boy, if only I was that smooth and that funny when things go wrong!)
  • Local references
  • The encore featuring Daffyd and the other cast members doing the “Police” and “I’m Gay” songs.

We hanged around after the show for quite a while, hoping to see Matt and David to get an autograph and/or photo with them, but despite my optimism (that I admit started to fade into extreme disappointment), we didn’t see them. Most of the audience had disappeared by then. I sadly (and extremely slowly) walked back to our car, hoping to catch a glimpse of my two favourite stars but no such luck.

There was also a fairly good range of merchandise on sale, tempting me with their evil slogans and pinkness, or even the priceless “Computer says no” mouse pad or mug. But I manage to fight the temptation all night and didn’t any thing (although I was sorely tempted to get one of the “Computer says no” products, or the “I’m the only gay in the village” or the “Want that one” t-shirts).
But aside from missing out on seeing my idols closer up, we had an absolutely fantastic night. I loved it loved it loved it!

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  1. Ethan Ethan

    Hey. I just found your site when I searched the show in Google. I must say it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. The roar when Vicky came out and make that joke a bout Fyshwick was so good.

    Sound’s like you had fun, as did I


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