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Wii for the geriatric

I was reading this article about how the Wii has taken off with the retiree generation (thanks Kaja for the link!). It’s interesting to see how Nintendo has challenged the presumptions about the target user groups and looked at a very non traditional segment of the market.

I love the article for two reasons:

  1. For showing that you can successfully challenge ‘traditional’ ways of doing something.
  2. For bringing a smile to my face.
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  1. What really frustrates me is the belief that consoles are aimed to kids (7 to 15 yrs). They may have been this demographic in the beginning, but they grew up. And now the market has matured (8 to 45yr). Skipping the lost generation (non tech users) and taking on the tech savvy retirees is not a surprise if you think about it.

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