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Million Paws Walk

Camry the beagle

It was the RSPCA Million Paws Walk on Sunday. The Million Paws Walk is an annual event held around Australia. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, with lots of very cute doggies running around in excitement. I soaked up enough doggy cuteness to last until I can get back to Perth to see Zoe!

The above photo is of Camry the beagle. He is a member of Dog Rock! – the dog orchestra that my acapella group accompanied. Isn’t he cute? What makes him even cuter in real life is that he’s one of the best behaved dogs I’ve ever seen.

There were lots of dogs making friends, and having quick baths! I wasn’t sure if the water was put out for drinking or splashing. The dogs all seemed to think it was for splashing.
Cleaning paws

Pablo and Suzy had a ride on their owner’s bike. I love their cute dog helmets!
Pablo and Suzy

Here’s my acapella group, Raw Honey, on stage. Note our colour coordination (to match with the RSPCA blue/green colours!).
Raw Honey

Here are some members of the Dog Rock! Orchestra.
Dog Rock!

The doggies even had their own cafe….
PAWS Dog Cafe

Lots of yummy looking doggie treats.
Doggie treats from the Dog Cafe

Part of the massive crowd!
The huge crowd

Start of the walk.

There were all manner of dogs. Big, small. Non dyed. Dyed. (Check out the painted toe nails).
Standard poodle

I had many doggies coming right up to me to say hello!

The above photos are only a small selection of the shots that I took on that day. For the rest of the photos, please check out my Million Paws Walk photo set!

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