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I’m very proud and excited to be part of the Aussie FullCodePress team that will be going up against our Kiwi counterparts on 18th August in Sydney. The Australian and New Zealand teams were announced today, after the draw.

What is FullCodePress?

The concept is simple. Web teams take each other on, at the same location, to build a complete website in 24 hours. No excuse, no extensions, no budget overruns.

The website will be for a nominated charitable or not-for-profit organisation.

This is very exciting! Time to start stocking up on caffeine for that weekend. All the best to both teams!

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  1. russel russel

    WOOT!!!!!! Ruth FTW!

  2. Yay, Ruth! Keep us informed via Twitter over the weekend!

  3. lisa h lisa h

    Congratulations Ruth! That’s excellent news :) can wait to see you in action ;)

  4. Ruth Ellison Ruth Ellison

    Thanks all! :)

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