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It’s over!

Kiwi and Aussie team with Judges at the FullCodePress event in Sydney Australia
Photo credit: FullCodePress

FullCodePress is finally over! It was a very close call, but congratulations to the Code Blacks who won the inaugural FullCodePress competition with their website for the Grampian’s disAbility Advocacy Association.

I was really fortunate to work with an absolutely fantastic Aussie team where we produced The Ripple Effect website for a bunch of absolutely well deserving and fantastic clients. I love the true collaborative nature of our work, with the lovely Laura and Emily (our clients) spending quality time with us through out the design and development process.

It was a very fun, rewarding, and yes, exhausting experience. Both teams did really well in producing two great websites in such a challenging time frame.

Many thanks to the organisers for a very well run event, the judges, sponsors (Google, Adobe, Sitepoint, Red Square, and Mort Bay Communications), supporters and volunteers who made this stuff all happen.

You can check out all the goss and hot action on the FullCodePress Twitter feed, Flickr and YouTube.

Time to hit the sack as I need to catch up on some valuable sleep time!

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  1. Ruth Ellison Ruth Ellison

    Thanks Dez :)

  2. Hi Ruth,

    This is Eric the photographer doing some photos on the first day of FCP in Sydney. I just realised that some of the photos in my camera weren’t actually uploaded to Flickr.

    There are some I uploaded to my blog and most are the Aussie team’s photos.

    I do realise there is one photo of you which I couldn’t find on FCP Flickr.



  3. Hi Ruth,

    Just like to congratulate you again on your Best and Fairest award. You certainly deserved it, and it was great working with you. Well done!

  4. Ruth Ellison Ruth Ellison

    @Eric – Thanks for the link to the photos!

    @David – Thanks again for the congratulations. It was great working with such a CSS/XHTML guru!

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