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Oz-IA 2007 is here!

Oz-IA/2007 - Sydney, September 22nd/23rd 2007

What happens when you get a bunch of Information Architects in a room, throw a bunch of technical presentations, case studies, panels, and interactive workshops at them, along with food and wine (or beer if you’re that way inclined)…? That’s right – it’s Oz-IA! There’s heaps of passionate discussions, lots of interesting people to meet and many new and interesting ideas to learn.

I attended the inaugural Oz-IA conference last year and had a great time. I even discovered a fabulous Thai restaurant (thanks to Stephen Hall and Andrew Boyd) which I’m looking forward to visiting again this year.

I’m glad that this year’s Oz-IA conference is held before Web Directions. Last year, I was a bit too exhausted from all the social activities associated with Web Directions and was a bit more introverted than I normally am. Anyhow, I’ve bought my ticket, and told all my friends and workmates about it. It’s a great value so why not check out the program and register for it? If you get in early, before 11th September, you’ll even get the early bird pricing.

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  1. I too are looking for to Oz-IA this year sans the WDS exhaustion. Looks like it will be more extroverted crowd than last year.

    You will have at least one more eating at “Spice I am” too.

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