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Web Directions photo meme

Web Directions signage

With only 12 sleeps until Web Directions South 2007 (or less if you count the cool workshops!), it’s only appropriate that I get into gear and do the flickr meme started by Miles Burke. I was tagged by Gary some time ago but have been way too flat out to find the time to do this interesting meme.

The point of this meme is to find and link to as many pictures of yourself on flickr from previous years of Web Directions South. There’s definitely lots of drinking, funny t-shirts, catching up with friends, early morning breakfasts, watching others do a Ben Stiller and partying!

Gary’s right – there’s seems to be a greater amount of cameras than attendees at the conferences!

I’ll like to tag Ben and Donna but I know she’s really flat out at the moment!

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  1. Ruth, thanks for taking the time to do the meme, as it gets closer and closer the busier things seem to be getting. I’m getting the impression everyone is going to be glad of the break, see you in a week! at OZIA

  2. Wow, great pics! A good way to reflect on the last few Septembers. See you in a week and a bit Ruth!

  3. Ruth Ellison Ruth Ellison

    @Gary @Miles looking forward to catching up soon!

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