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End of an era, start of another

Farewell flowers

On Friday, I said goodbye to my workmates of 14 months. I was really touched by the effort everyone went into organising a great farewell, in particular Viv who did a lot of baking and organising! I was sent off with a very delicious morning tea (lots of divine homemade goodies), beautiful flowers and a fantastic present. This was followed up with drinks at Old Parliament House. I was humbled by all the comments and gestures from various people through out the day, with emails, phone calls and face-to-face conversations.

I learned a lot over my 14 months and got to work on interesting projects. Met lots of interesting people and made some good friends. I will miss my workmates and hope that people keep thinking about creating great user experiences.

As of tomorrow (Monday), I will be working at Stamford Interactive. I’m looking forward to a set of new challenges!

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  1. Always sucks to leave behind friends and great colleagues; I’ve done it twice in the past 12 months! But congratulations on the new job – should be awesome!

  2. Oh congratulations and good luck Ruth! that’s grat news, you’re going to thrive there ;)

    Looking forward to hearing all about it next time we catch up :)

  3. Pat Pat

    Great news Ruth! Now when I’m writing proposals I will know who the competition is :)

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