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Initial thoughts on the WiiFit

I’ve been a fan of the Nintendo Wii every since we managed to get one in the initial rush of the Australian launch. When hubby and I found out about Wii Fit, we pre-ordered it and picked it up yesterday. As this is the second day since we’ve had it, we’ve managed to spend a bit of time checking it out.

For those not familiar with Wii Fit, Nintendo describes it as “the first step to a healthier lifestyle”. The Wii Fit uses a very cool Wii Balance Board that can measure your weight, centre of gravity and can also calculate your body mass index. The game has over 40 exercises ranging over the following categories: yoga, muscle workouts, aerobic exercise and balance games. Specific exercises include, jogging, step aerobics, hula hoop, ski jumping, ski slaloms, etc. What’s particularly cool is that it helps you to keep track of any exercise that you do outside of the game, which is added to the log.

My initial impressions of the Wii Fit has been generally very positive. The set-up and calibration of the game has been very easy with clear step-by-step instructions accompanied by the appropriate visuals on screen. There’s been a few areas where some improvements could be made but it’s all very minor. Once set-up is completed, you pick a trainer (male or female) who will guide you through a range of exercises. The exercise tutorials are clear with the trainer taking you through each step before you actually do the exercise. Hubby has spent more time playing Wii Fit so he has unlocked a range of games/exercise that I have not yet gotten to. From what I can see, they tend to follow a similar follow-the-leader format for many of the exercises. There’s a few cute and fun games including penguin slide where you have to catch fish whilst balanced on a piece of ice.

The only negative thing I have to say at this stage is that the graphics, while clear and useful when used as a step-by-step guide through the game, aren’t overly flash. The yoga exercises and muscle workouts are overly simple. I would have liked to have seen a more human-realistic feel to the graphics rather than the line drawings (with simple block fill) used. The rest of the game utilises the normal Wii styled graphics which is pretty much the same as from Wii Sports.

The interaction with the Wii Balance Board is on the whole, pretty good. It seems to be fairly accurate at determining what you’re doing. The jogging on the spot was quite challenging as my instinct is to run forward. That was probably the most awkard interaction out of the exercises I tried, but I think I burned the most calories with that one!

On the whole, I’m loving the Wii Fit so far. I’m very unfit and I don’t do any exercise. In light of that, the Wii Fit is perfect for me. I get guided through a range of quite fun exercises which means that I can slowly work on getting fit and hopefully lose a few of those extra kilos that I put on in the last seven months. It’s also making me more aware of my balance points which affects the posture. If you’re a hard core exercising type of person, this probably isn’t suitable for you. But on the whole, both thumbs up from me!

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  1. Raewyn Raewyn

    Its now August how do you feel about the Wii fit now?
    Have you lost weight and gained tone?
    Are you any fitter?
    I to am interested in buying one for myself and husband every one says they are great, i havent seen to many good results yet though it is early days for some

  2. Hi Raewyn

    I like the Wii Fit. I haven’t lot weight and gained tone but the reason is that I’ve been travelling a lot for work. This means that I’ll go for weeks without touching Wii Fit, which defeats the purpose of it.

    The concept is great. As someone who doesn’t exercise on a regular basis, I really enjoyed doing the Wii Fit exercises. If you and your hubby can commit to using it every day, I’m sure that you’ll see results. I’m hoping to settle into a routine with it once my travel settles down (probably post November).

    If you and your hubby currently do a lot of exercise, then I’m not sure whether you’ll see as much of a benefit using the Wii Fit. If you’re office people like me, then it’s pretty good!

    Good luck!

  3. Raewyn Raewyn

    thankyou my husband and i sound just like you though we really need to do more exercise, i do walk alot as a nurse but my husband being a massage therapist only gets upper body we thought it might make a chore more interesting. Personally i dont like gyms so it was the next best thing. Again thankyou for your time
    Take care

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