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Lioncom’s Canberra Green Day

I’ve posted about computer recycling options in Canberra before and how we ended up going with the excellent Lioncom. The good news is that Lioncom is launching a Canberra Green Day on the 13th and 14th of June where you can recycle your PCs for free. This is part of Lioncom’s initiative to tackle the growing e-Waste problem.

Here’s the news article from Lioncom:

Canberra’s first technology recycling company (service established year 2000) is holding a free PC Recycling Day on the 13th and 14th of June 2008 for the Canberra community. Visitors to Lioncom in Fyshwick on the 14th of June 2008 will be able to drop off their unwanted and excess computer equipment at no further cost. Canberra business and government departments are also encourage to take advantage of the Lioncom offer with Friday the 13th of June 2008 available exclusively for the Canberra business community.

Unwanted computers and electronic goods are one of the fastest-growing types of waste in the world (five times normal waste rates) and is likely to reach 40 million tonnes a year. It is estimated that there are more that nine million computers, five million printers and two million scanners in Australian households and businesses. Over the next few years millions of computers will be turned off and disposed. It is imperative that we protect our local environment by ensuring all e-Waste is disposed off correctly.

PCs contain materials like metal, glass and plastic which can be recycled and reused. Computers harbour noxious chemicals and heavy metals that can leech into the environment if not recycled correctly. CRT computer monitors can include up to a kilogram of lead, while batteries are loaded with cadmium.

Sealed up, the devices are safe. But once thrown away and left to rot in landfill, chemicals and heavy metals can leech out into groundwater, posing serious health risks. Sufficient exposure to lead alone can damage the central nervous system – particularly in children – causing long term blood disorders and mental retardation.

Taking advantage of the Free PC Recycling Day

Simply drop off surplus computer equipment at the Fyshwick Collection Centre, located at 8 Pirie St, Fyshwick.

  • For Businesses and Government Departments: Friday, 13th June 2008, 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • For General Public: Saturday, 14th June 2008, 9:00am – 5:00pm

For further information:

Ph. 02 6239 3444

Fax. 02 6239 3445



Good on you Lioncom! I really appreciate local businesses who take the initiative to help green our city.

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