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My Way Home

My friend Ben tagged me for the cool My Way Home meme. I’m a curious person by nature and I, like Ben, wonder what fascinating scenes do all my friends see and experience on their ways home.

The rules are simple:

  • Use a simple camera, the simpler the better
  • Upload them to flickr or whatever your preference is, but as long as they can be seen through the web
  • Tag them if you can with “onmywayhomeme”
  • Blog it and tell the story
  • Tag your mates.

I tag (I know a few of the people have been tagged already):

So here’s my story…

It’s about ten past five on Friday. I’m leaving work early as I promised to meet a friend for coffee on the way home. I’m already running late…I dash out of the client’s building but have a few traffic lights to content with. I entertain myself my grabbing a shot of the interesting red sculpture near the intersection (it doesn’t look very red here as the sun was setting fast).

The light is still red…so I tried a different angle of the same sculpture.
Another view of the scupture

I love textures and colours. This abstract wall sculpture on the Commonwealth Bank building catches my eye every time.
Wall sculpture

I like the look of Canberra Centre at dusk.
Canberra Centre

Autumn and winter is a great time of the year as you get to wear all manners of scarves, gloves and hats! I see this shop frequently and I’ve bought a lovely set of brown gloves from here once.
Blurry colours and textures

I’m running late! I’m walking as fast as I can towards Koko Black, freaking out a guy who I’m temporarily keeping pace with.
Walking towards Koko Black

Phew, I made it to Koko Black – about 5 minutes late. The warm chocolate tones of the shop is inviting.
A quick stop past Koko Black

I enjoy a soy Belgian hot chocolate and cake plate.Soy hot chocolate from Koko Black
Snacks at Koko Black

After catching up with my friend, it’s time to leave and go get my hubby. The new ATO building is something I see on a very frequent basis.

Nearly at my hubby’s work…
Follow the path...

Heading home over the bridge…
Over the bridge

I get my first ever SMS spam.
My first SMS spam

We stopped past Erindale for some takeaway. I walk past this sign. Oh? What’s this now?
One Dirty Night

We’re home!!
The blue LED lights of home...

The great thing is that my views on the way home changes fairly frequently, depending upon which I’m client I’m seeing at the time.

For the rest of the photos, check out my On My Way Homeme photo set on flickr.

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  1. Awse. totally awse.

    Ruth, i never knew but we must all but cross paths on the way home every day!

  2. […] through the Perth ‘burbs to a discount petrol station. Sorry folks no amazing artwork like Ruth found or impressive buildings like Ben or Nat have. I just get the back streets of suburbia. Not […]

  3. 7BNRBW Looking forward to reading more. Great blog post.Much thanks again. Cool.

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