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WebAIM screen reader survey

The good folks over at WebAIM recently conducted a survey of screen reader usage and preferences. The results of screen reader survey are now available. Interesting results to note include:

  • The most popular screen reader is JAWS (74%), followed by Window-Eyes (23%), NVDA (8%) and VoiceOver (6%).
  • 41% of screen reader users update their screen reader software after the release of a new version.
  • 40% of screen reader users does some form of customisation.
  • 28% of screen reader users sometimes uses the ‘skip to content’ link with 38% having no preference about the wording.
  • 52% navigate by headings.
  • 53% find pop-up windows somewhat difficult to very difficult to use.
  • Interestingly, if a web page contains a photo (of the White House in the survey), 80% of screen reader users prefer the use of “Photo of the White House” rather than “The White House” (some had no preferences in this regard).

The most telling finding is the conclusion from WebAIM:

Perhaps the most significant conclusion we can make from these survey results is that there is no typical screen reader user… This survey emphasizes that screen reader accessibility is about real people – and people that have diverse abilities and preferences.

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