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BarCampCanberra #3 – it’s a wrap

Photo of Pascal looking at the BarCampCanberra #3 schedule

The highly anticipated BarCampCanberra event happened yesterday, with a large gathering of smart and passionate folks from around Canberra, Yass, Wollongong and Sydney discussing interesting topics such as Government 2.0, social innovation, collaboration, typography, hackerspaces and more.

For those unfamiliar with the BarCamp concept:

BarCampCanberra is a free-to-attend community-run conference where anyone can come and watch, participate or present on anything they are passionate about – either something interesting they’ve been working on, an idea they’d like to present or to brainstorm the solution to a problem with a bunch of like-minded smart people

We had over 150 people registered for the event, 46 pizzas consumed, 72 bottles of water drunk (plus the additional cups and water containers) and 39 sessions including a series of 5 minute lighting talks (I love the 5 minute lighting talk format).

The event was tweeted, flickred, livestreamed and Googled waved. We were even covered in the Canberra Times (page 8 of the Sunday 7th February newspaper).

Some of my favourite quotes about BarCampCanberra comes from @dekrazee1:

Brain is still abuzz from #bcc2010. BarCamp is the techy equivalent of a day spa. Energising and invigorating. #I<3BarCamp


@RazChorev Yep. Sound ROI. That $50 of fuel (and ~8hrs of travel time) got me about $500 worth of education today. #bcc2010

Key themes

The key themes from BarCampCanberra #3 were social innovation (particularly around the grass roots level), government engagement and activity (engagement and activity is not the same thing) and taking action after conversation.

My presentation

I was too busy running between rooms to actually sit down and listen to the presentations in full, particularly for the first half of the day. I manage to present in the afternoon on a number of topics that’s important to me: critical thinking, skepticism and quirkology.

I also manage to catch the Make Hack Void presentation (@evildeece, @__dev_dsp, @_xmd_), @evildeece ACT solar tariff, Bob Edward’s I have no Friends on Facebook presentation and all of the lightning talks in the afternoon. @sabman’s Mapping of Haiti presentation was a particular stand out.


Many thanks to all the wonderful presenters who took the time and effort to share their knowledge. I know that it takes a lot to get up there and talk or run a discussion group, even in this type of informal setting. It was my husband’s first time getting up and talking in front of such a crowd and I’m pleased that first time presenters are able to present in a non-threatening environment.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors: Powerhouse Museum, Microsoft, Crystal Approach, Schmooze, and

Thanks to my co-unorganisers: @NathanaelB, @RohanM, @CraigThomler, @lozz, @RaeBuerckner, @Klepas and @Caronne (who couldn’t make it, but had her partner drive all the way to the venue with much needed powerboards and extension cables!). Thanks also to the wonderful Gavin (@wingedmonkeyboy) who was busy running between all three rooms to get photos of the crowds and the presenters.

Thanks to the ANU and Bob Edwards for providing the venue and wireless.

Clever and useful stuff

Update: Many thanks to Geoff from @SubwayBelconnen who provided the salads and subs at BarCampCanberra!

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  1. Gavin Gavin

    Hi Ruth,
    Sorry I missed your preso. Slideshow looks good :) Would love to see it with synced audio from the session as it looked like there was lots of discussion in the room.

  2. Was amused by some of the tweets showing up in my stream :) glad it was a great day!

  3. I was a big fan of the 5-minute lightning sessions because I got to hit the gong more often! :)

  4. Ruth, the presentation was awesome, one of my personal faves of the event. We don’t think enough for the important things but seem to overthink the little things…

    I LOVED the event and reckon it was one of the best I’ve ever been to :-)

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