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My Way Home

My friend Ben tagged me for the cool My Way Home meme. I’m a curious person by nature and I, like Ben, wonder what fascinating scenes do all my friends see and experience on their ways home.

The rules are simple:

  • Use a simple camera, the simpler the better
  • Upload them to flickr or whatever your preference is, but as long as they can be seen through the web
  • Tag them if you can with “onmywayhomeme”
  • Blog it and tell the story
  • Tag your mates.

I tag (I know a few of the people have been tagged already):

So here’s my story…

It’s about ten past five on Friday. I’m leaving work early as I promised to meet a friend for coffee on the way home. I’m already running late…I dash out of the client’s building but have a few traffic lights to content with. I entertain myself my grabbing a shot of the interesting red sculpture near the intersection (it doesn’t look very red here as the sun was setting fast).

The light is still red…so I tried a different angle of the same sculpture.
Another view of the scupture

I love textures and colours. This abstract wall sculpture on the Commonwealth Bank building catches my eye every time.
Wall sculpture

I like the look of Canberra Centre at dusk.
Canberra Centre